Programme – Saturday May 14th

09.00 – 10.00


Keynote Marie Klingberg-Allvin
Midwives4all – a human right


10.30 – 12.00


Labour pain

Moderator: Stina Thorstensson

O 92 Pregnant women’s expectations of the intensity of pain
Sigfridur Inga Karlsdottir

O 93 Predictors of women’s experience of pain during childbirth
Sigfridur Inga Karlsdottir

O 94 The Jordanian midwives’ attitude towards labour pain and what women expect from them
Shurouq Hawamdeh

O 95 Waterbirths in Sweden
Hanna Ulfsdottir

O 96 Persistent pain related to pregnancy and delivery
Beata Molin

O 97 Acupuncture for Labour Pain
Linda Vixner


Prenatal diagnosis and assessment of fetal movements

Moderator: Ingela Rådestad

O 98 Positive attitudes towards non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) in a Swedish cohort of 1003 pregnant women
Susanne Georgsson

O 99 Fetal movement and unfounded worry in late pregnancy
O 100 Women´s experiences of fetal movements before the confirmation of fetal death – contractions misinterpreted as fetal movement
Anders Linde

O 101 Prenatal attachment and its association with fetal movement during pregnancy
Mari-Cristin Malm

O 102 Sleeping position among pregnant women who gave birth to a stillborn baby before and after 2011
Ingela Rådestad


Home births

Moderator: Helena Lindgren

O 103 Outcomes of planned home births vs hospital births in four Nordic countries 2008-2013
Helena Lindgren

O 104 Transfers to hospital in planned home birth in four Nordic countries
Ellen Blix

O 105 Attitudes towards home birth and their effect on birth outcomes in Iceland
O 106 Contraindications in planned home birth in Iceland
Berglind Halfdansdottir

O 107 Women´s experience of pain and pain relief in homebirth in four Nordic countries
Ingela Sjöblom