Programme – Friday May 13th

09.00 – 10.00

Sal F4+F5

Keynote Cecily Begley
Evidence-based practice – the key to excellent midwifery care

Vivian Wahlbergs scholarship

10.30 – 12.00


Optimal birth

Moderator: Ingela Wiklund

O 38 Evaluation of a midwifery model of woman-centred care during childbirth
Ingela Lundgren

O 39 Midwives´ care of childbearing women at a normal labor ward in Sweden
Christina Nilsson

O 40 Development of guidelines for using a Midwifery Model of Woman-Centred Care during Childbirth
Ólöf Ásta Ólafsdóttir

Professional discussion
O 41 Vaginal birth after a previous CS – what is the best option and how decide?
Ingela Lundgren, Cecily Begley, Christina Nilsson

O 42 Women’s lived experience of vaginal birth after caesarean section
Ida Lyckestam Thelin


Midwifery challenges in low-income settings

Moderator: Marie Berg

O 43 “I´m afraid, actually!”
Trude Thommesen

O 44 Management of intra-partum care in expected normal childbirth: a prospective cross-sectional survey at a university hospital in Nepal.
Jenny Carlsson

O 44b Mothers’ lived experiences of losing their baby at birth in Somaliland
Ulrica Byrskog

Professional discussion
O 45 Mentor mothers
Prolonged exclusive breastfeeding through peer support; a cohort study from a community outreach project in Swaziland
Mattias Bergman

O 46 Addressing limited access to a skilled midwifery care through community based peer support in Swaziland
Mats Målqvist/ Roreen Mzembe


Information/education during pregnancy

Moderator: Mia Barimani

O 47 Using the Internet as a source of information during pregnancy
Maria Bjelke and Anna-Karin Martinsson

O 48 Content of antenatal care: women´s experience of information about birth
Helga Gottfreðsdóttir

O 49 Swedish fathers contemplate the difficulties they face in parenthood
Margareta Johansson

O 50 The Evidence-Based Midwifery Practice MOOC – professional learning for midwives
Annette Dalsgaard

O 51 How to support midwives when working with parent education groups
Michael Rosander