Programme – Thursday May 12th

10.00 – 12.00


Opening ceremony

Mia Ahlberg
President The Swedish Association of Midwives

Hildur Kristjánsdóttir
President Nordisk Jordemorforbund 

Kristina Ljungros
President Rfsu, the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education

Keynote Frances Day-Stirck
President of the International Confederation of Midwives

Aurelia Dey
 invites us to the afropop musik scene in Gothenburg

13.30 – 15.00


Stages of birth

Moderator: Cecilia Ekéus

O 1 Interprofessional scenario-based training on postpartum hemorrhage
Signe Egenberg

O 2 Prevalence of prolonged latent phase and labour outcome
Karin Ängeby

O 3 Neonatal complications among infants born by vacuum extraction
Cecilia Ekéus


Breastfeeding and attachment

Moderator: Anette Ekström

O 4 Maternal Early Life Adversity, Breastfeeding and the Mother-Infant Relationship – vulnerable women
Wibke Jonas

O 5 Why do Swedish women cease breastfeeding during the early weeks after birth?
Lina Palmér

O 6 Infant feeding choice: A mother’s experience
Tinne Vercauteren

O 7 Intensive care nurses’ experiences of child and partners’ presence at the postoperative ward
Sofia Zwedberg

O 8 To establish breastfeeding – An exhausting business
Margareta Johansson

O 9 How the Ostrobothnia central hospitals succeeded in the implementation of the criteria of baby-friendly-initiative?
Hanna-Leena Melender

O 10 Preschool children born to mothers with intellectual disability have a higher risk of mortality
Berit Höglund


Sexual and reproductive Health

Moderator: Margareta Larsson

O 11 Reproductive Life Plan-counselling with men – a task for midwives?
Maja Bodin

O 12 Use of effective contraception 6 months after Emergency contraception with Copper IUD or Ulipristal acetate
Niklas Envall

O 13 Pornography consumption among adolescent girls in Sweden
Magdalena Mattebo

O 14 Alcohol consumption among partners of pregnant women in Sweden
Hjördis Högberg

O 15 Attachment through generations – when adult daughters of alcoholics become mothers
Vibeke de Lichtenberg

O 16 Neither father nor biological mother
Bente Dahl

O 17 Contraceptive use, births and abortions in the Nordic countries
Ingela Lind